PRIVATE CLASSES (Rocket Yoga, Vinyasa, Traditional)



Have an individualised personal program designed especially for you (and your loved one/friend).  Choose from the variety of Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Traditional Yoga styles to get exactly what you want and need.  Choose a time that suits you and visit our private studio so there are no distractions. We can also arrange a personal visit to your house.

£40.00 per hour or £50.00 per 90 minutes

5 sessions of 60 minutes each: £175.00 payable in advance

10 sessions of 60 minutes each: £330.00 payable in advance

Advance payments to [skinnibuddha] bank account or pay pal, please contact for details

Do you do home visits in Plymouth?

Yes we do home visits in Plymouth for yoga classes

Yoga Class prices include travel to your home in the following areas:

Within a 5 mile radius of Plymouth PL1 5NF

Outside of the 5 mile radius area I charge a nominal fee of 75p per mile.  Alternatively why not come to our Yoga Therapy clinic in Plymouth, PL1 5NF

We advise clients not to eat for at least 3 hours before a session, so consider this when making an appointment

Cancellation policy 

To cancel or change the time of your session contact [skinnibuddha] by email, phone or text

All cancellations within a 24 hour period of the appointment incur full cost of the session.   If you want to cancel or move your session without incurring a fee, please advise more than 24hours in advance and we can re-arrange your session.

Please contact [skinnibuddha] for more details.