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skinnibuddha’s  pilot study for Yoga Therapy took place in October and November 2016.

Here are the results of this work which targeted back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, low mood and other conditions.



Amazing changes occurring through yoga therapy in Plymouth
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new rocket yoga classes at Hamoaze House To access the Freedom from Addiction session you must be a client of Hamoaze House

Rocket Yoga for Surfers, Climbers and for strength NEW FOR FEBRUARY 2017

A new Rocket Vinyasa Yoga class is starting in Plymouth on 16th May 2017 at 6.15-7.45pm

Based at the beautiful Hamoaze House at Mount Wise with plenty of parking and within easy reach of the city centre. Come and enjoy the uplifting effects of the Rocket.


If you want to try out an exciting uptempo yoga class then this is your class.  Designed to build strength through all areas of the body, the Rocket is a great way to energise and exercise when you cant get out in the surf or can’t get out for a run or cycle.

It will help maintain strength, balance and coordination as well as develop the mental focus needed for many sport activities.

The perfect balance of tempo and sequence. These advanced routines are appropriate for all levels levels of students. With plenty of ways to modify the classical poses, the benefits of the poses are transmitted equally to renew vitality and energy.

This vibrant routine is called the “Rocket” because, “it gets you there faster.” The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom in the practice.

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Plymouth first donation based yoga therapy course has been seen as a success.

The major reason is because of the reduction in symptoms exhibited by the attendees.

success from Plymouths first donation based yoga therapy course
success from Plymouths first donation based yoga therapy course

Plymouth’s first donation based yoga therapy sessions  – October and November 2016

Attendance overall 87%


A symptom assessment scale was completed by all participants and this outlined a main symptom and a scale of 0-10 of the severity of the experience at the beginning of the sessions and then after the last session.  10 being the worst (most severe). Average scores displayed below.

Symptom                                            5th Oct                                                 30th Nov

Difficulty Sleeping:                           4.6                                                       1.8

Lower Back Pain                                5                                                          1.6

Breathing Problems                         4.3                                                       1.1

Digestion problems                          4.1                                                       1

Low Mood                                           5.5                                                       0.8

Headache                                             4.5                                                       1

Most marked improvements

Lower back pain: 9 to 3; 7 to 2; 4 to 1; 9 to 1

Breathing problems: 9 to 2; 4 to 0

Low mood: 3 to 0, 8 to 1, 10 to 0

Digestion problems: 6 to 2

Headache: 7 to 2

Individuals reported improvements for individual symptoms

Knee pain                                            9                                                          5

Upper back pain                              9                                                          4

Sciatica                                                 5                                                          1

Shoulder pain                                   8.5                                                       5

Fibromyalgia                                     9                                                          3

 Some quotes from attendees:

I really loved the pigeon posture.  It has really improved my sciatica, I think it would help my husband

Greatly helped with lower back pain

Physically I feel much better, the sinus infection has shifted which had been lingering, my general wellbeing has improved.

After the class my mood really lifts and I am more positive.

It’s too short a session I could do with another hour.

I feel very energised after the session.

I don’t know what you have done but my back has stopped hurting.

An excellent course, yoga therapy works!! Better than and tablets or drugs. It [the course] must not stop

I have never done yoga before, I absolutely love it.  I hope it continues long into the future.  The classes have really helped heal back pain and the pain in my knee is clearing too.

I would not have been able to afford it unless it was pay what you want




Plymouth Yoga Therapy Course hailed as Community and Voluntary Sector Success Story



Community Yoga Practice

Plymouths first donation based Yoga Therapy Course has shown very positive results.  It started as a pilot study to provide accessible health care for the local community.  Now participants have expressed interest to continue the programme, with those on a waiting list eager to attend the next course.
During October and November [skinnibuddha] yoga therapy teamed up with Devonport Live to provide Plymouth residents with an 8 week beginner friendly yoga therapy course. The aims were to alleviate lower back pain, reduce low mood,  relieve asthma and headaches, some of the common issues which many people exhibit.  However after initial consultations the remit of health complaints included arthritis and shoulder pain, lower back and lumbar pain, depression, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Sciatica.  In fact these are just a few of the conditions treatable through yoga therapy.
Over the 8 sessions attendees learnt to practice a variety of yoga techniques to help promote health and wellbeing related to current medical condition. This included postures, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques. The classes have been beginner friendly, gentle and motivational, with a variety of options available for those with differing ailments.

Skinnibuddha aka Jason Searing originally helped to set up London’s first donation based yoga studio, in Oxford Street in 2013.  Having been based in Plymouth for 16 years he decided it was time to provide a service to his community and because there has been so much interest, there will be a new course running from January 2017 at Devonport Live. Because of some great opportunities occurring through the Plymouth Health and Wellbeing Network, [skinnibuddha] yoga therapy has begun developing plans to deliver similar courses elsewhere. Hopefully this will be the start of yoga therapy being made more available throughout the city.  So if you or anyone you know may benefit from a reduction in lower back pain, headaches and could do with managing sciatica, asthma, diabetes,  low moods or any of the ailments manageable by yoga therapy then get in contact with [skinnibuddha] or Devonport Live. Go to or call 07828768053 to find out more.



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