I just wanted to let you know I left last night’s yoga class with Jason [skinnibuddha] extremely energised, and with a great feeling of contentment. It was an outstanding class, and I say this coming with the knowledge of attending yoga classes almost every day, and knowing yoga teachers from all different places and countries.  His class was not just challenging and diverse, but was also fun and relaxing at the same time. Jason is just fantastic yoga teacher. Macarena, Sports Park Yoga Class

Many thanks again for the excellent yoga classes you provide, really outstanding! Fran, Devonport Live Yoga Therapy 

Thanks for the fantastic workshop. Left feeling energised and way more knowledgeable on bandhas and drishti. Adam, Studio 42 workshop

Thank you so much I have learned to relax and get into positions I would never get into before. Pat

Jason works you hard – but somehow his energy makes you feel like you always have a bit more to give, and he leaves room for a little bit of laughter. His class was deliciously challenging, but he always gave options to take so each pose was accessible for everyone. Lots of fun, and he ended with a beautiful relaxation in savasana so that when the class ended, I felt ready to get up and take on anything! Isabelle Arcoleo, Urbananda Yoga Class

Really inspired by this group. Amazing support with Jason. JD

Thank you for giving me the best gift, a wonderful introduction to yoga.  I feel very privileged to have had this experience. Angie

The yin yoga really helped my shoulders. Felt very light weighted after. Harriet

Thank you for opening my body and soul. Katarina

This year has been an amazing journey from overall stiffness/inflexibility of back pain to be able to stand on my head and feel much more in control of my back.  Thank you so much. Jan

I’ve done so many different things in the last 10 years from Vipassana, Sahaya Yoga, Chi Kung and visualisation, but nothing quite got to me “to a place” so profound. The main things is – I’ve had no pain in my back since yesterday!!!  The chronic it-is-taking-over-my-life-pain has gone! Monika

I have had back pain since I was 16. Now for the first time in 6 years I can safely say I have been free of pain for 3 months.  It is all thanks to the weekly yoga sessions from you Jason.  Please keep what you are doing.  Katie

Hi Jason, thanks for a great class yesterday. I’m both a rock climber and surfer, and your class was spot on! You showed me new ways of strengthening my body for that purpose. Paula

Thank you so much, I feel like a new person, just after 1 session. Absolutely brilliant. Shareen 

I really loved the pigeon posture.  It has really improved my sciatica. Lara

Physically I feel much better, the sinus infection has shifted which had been lingering, my general wellbeing has improved. LT

After the class my mood really lifts and I am more positive. TF

I don’t know what you have done but my back has stopped hurting. Sarah

An excellent course, yoga therapy works!! Better than and tablets or drugs. Francois

I wanted to treat my daughter to a class with me and I found [skinninbuddha] very professional. Janie, Ranchito 45 partner yoga class