Do you need to manage or improve an illness or injury?

Try Yoga Therapy. The class uses traditional techniques taught from a therapeutic perspective to target and get to the root of the problem or conditions.  This class includes yogic breathing techniques, postures and relaxation and/or meditation. Check out the list of conditions that Yoga Therapy can treat from the menu.

Do you want to get fitter, stronger and more flexible?

Try Rocket Vinyasa which is taught as it was designed by Larry Schultz.  It encompasses the structure of the Ashtanga sequences with more variety and pace.  It includes many of the postures in the intermediate and advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa series, and makes them accessible to all levels of student. The class focuses on meditative breathing, physical postures and how to build strength for more challenging postures.

Do you want a yoga class to open the joints, slow down the ageing process of the body and increase range of motion?

Yin Yoga is the answer.  Yin yoga is a slow and meditative style of yoga where postures are held for between 1-5 minutes.  Yin Yoga targets the stretching of connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments). This is wonderful for releasing tension or tight joints and slowing down the bodies ageing process.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory the class can help stimulate and rebalance major body organs. It is great for anyone new to yoga.

We connect with each student and the class to ensure that there are always a variety of options available, so beginners can practice alongside those more experienced.  Having options during the class allows you decide which type of class you would like.  The easiness or difficulty of the option you choose depends on you. You might prefer a vigorous workout or just a time to rest.

If you feel an open class maybe too daunting, then why not try a peronalised individual yoga class.