Here are a selection of clients I have worked with who have felt the benefits of Yoga Therapy with [skinni buddha]

JP presented himself in December 2012 stating that he suffered with long term depression.  After providing a personal yoga programme and working with him for a period of 3 months, his depression lifted.  Through supporting him in his yoga practice his depression has been removed to the point that he is enjoying his life, and regained relationships with family and friends

KA came to me with severe lower back pain, after falling to the ground.  We started a series of simple exercises which over a 3 week period stabilised the injury and reverted K’s back to its original state.  K mentioned that on the occasions the pain returns, she is able to use the yoga poses to relieve the pain.  In fact through building on the yoga poses K has built up the back muscle to support the back, so there is no pain for over 99% of the time.

DL suffered with problems related to alcohol.  Over a period of 3 months, the problems became less and less.  In fact through a programme which used yoga poses, breathing exercises, diet and lifestyle changes D was able to remain free from the problems that were effecting D’s life.

JM had been suffering with anxiety, felt completely blocked and could not progress in work or studies, and her personal life was also suffering.  Within 3 sesssions she was able to gain control of her life again and felt open to resume studies and work.  The anxiety had subsided and J continues to practice yoga therapy techniques.

PK had recently had knee surgery and needed to gain strength in the knee and leg areas, but without going to a gym for a strong workout.   With a set of strengthening exercises and gentle build up in movements not only on the knee but also other areas of the body, the knee started to make a rapid recovery.  P was able to resume normal activities in 6 weeks.

MS had been diagnosed with colitis and needed surgery.  The possible next move would be to have a colostomy bag if the colitis did not subside.  Over a 4 month period MS has been using many of the yoga therapy techniques which have been prescribed.  He now claims to be feeling incredibly refreshed, healthy and free from the pain associated with his colitis.

BG continually suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Over a period of 4 weeks the IBS has subsided.  Now BG is free from IBS and uses the yoga therapy techniques to lead a symptom free life.

IA had been on medication for epilepsy and decided that it was time to manage the illness in a more natural way.  Embarking on a programme of therapeutic action with IA allowed her to reduce the dosage of medication until finally she felt the need to quit all medication.