When we treat a person in a holistic way it is Yoga Therapy.  We use yoga techniques to attain better health.

We use conventional medicine to help give a diagnosis.  Using blood tests, x-rays, MRI and other techniques.  However while modern medical science can help for visible external diseases (such as broken bones, cysts, cataracts and so on) Yoga Therapy is excellent for treating invisible illnesses (like insomnia, pains, allergies, migraine and asthma)  Click here for a full list of illnesses/diseases/injuries Yoga Therapy can manage/cure.

We adopt 4 phases in Yoga Therapy treatment

  1. Prevention: we stop the condition from worsening
  2. Curative: we provide a unique programme of treatment based on your situation and illness to start reducing the problem
  3. Corrective: we give advice on what changes in lifestyle should be made
  4. Information: once the treatment has started you provide us with information about how your condition is reacting. This way we can adjust the treatment accordingly.

Yoga Therapy is completely natural and has no side effects.  By starting Yoga Therapy we can find out the imbalances and internal problems which are present.  In every case we focus on 7 points:

  1. Lifestyle: sleep, work, play
  2. Detoxification: cleaning out parts of the body (mental and physical)
  3. Posture: adopting yoga poses
  4. Breathing: balancing breath, body and mind and oxygenating the body
  5. Mindset: developing positive thought patterns
  6. Diet: advice on specific foods
  7. Relaxation: techniques for removing any stress factors

By focusing on all these areas we can get to the root cause of the disease.

“Absolutely amazing, you should be charging more” Anat, Yoga Therapy session

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